Hey guys i want to know that at present time which is better government job or Privet Job?

previously the education is limited to some sectors. Profession is predetermined. circumstances are changed. New generation is eager to catch the opportunities. At the same time they feel insecure
now adays government job is much better than private jobs cause government will never be bankruft so when your eligible and had pass the examenation that government give who wont be kick out until you retire while private jobs always encountered economic crisis so it got close and no more job again

Can I get tax benifit for a loan on commercial property?

I want to purchase a Galla (Shop). At present I am getting tax benefit on my home loan but it will be over by next year. Hence I have planned to go for a shop as my wife runs a jewelery business at home. My question is can I get the same benefit in income tax for loan on galla as I am getting for my home loan at present?