I dont want a mortgage cause I dont want to help the banks. Where should I live?

If I rent I help the renter pay their mortgage to the banks.
If I buy a house I pay the bank directly.
If I stay in a hotel I pay the manager to pay the owner to pay the banker.
If I sleep in a carboard box then someone else gets the hot babes and gets recognized as worthy in society while he spits at me while sleeping in a nice house and paying the banker.

What would you do in my situation?

How much service tax on apartment unit construction?

Hi , Would anyone know if the tax on an apartment unit (flat) construction is only on the labour part of the cost of construction and not the material. I see articles on the internet stating that only 1/3 of the construction cost should be subject to service tax but I am not entirely sure of this. So at the rate of 10.3% on a property of 20 lakh rupees, it should be 2000000 x (10.3 / 100) x 1/3 = 69000 rupees approximately.
Is this correct?