Family property dispute , my grandfather had house constructed and gave possession of ground floor to my?

father , we are living there for last 40 yrs, he had 3 sons , after intestate death of my grandfather and my father and 1 uncle , the family cliam division of property in 1/3 rd . My father had put lot of money in construction of house and had renovated from time to time and no one had any objection then.
pls advice , can i retain ground floor of my hosue in possession.

Do I have to pay Income Tax if a builder pays me 10 lakhs for redeveloping it?

Our society has decided to go for redevelopment of our building and a builder will pay us Rs. 10 lakhs and give a new flat each. The new flat will be given for possession only after 2-3 years. However the 10 lakhs is being paid to each of us in slabs. By Mar’10 I will receive close to 4 lakhs. Do I have to pay Income Tax or Capital Gains tax on this?

Legal rights owning a house in the philippines for expat married to Filipino?

I am in the process of separating from my Filipino wife. We own a house in cebu. What are my legal rights in regards to the house and land, and the possession with in the house? I know that the wife legally owns the land but what about the house, and the possession within. I paid for everything? Can I rent the house without her permission or sell the possession without her permission? I know I can’t sell the land without her permission.

What is the legal status of a heir enjoying sole possession on mother’s intestate property since 7 years?

The 3 heirs are in dispute. According to verbal family agreement, One heir took his share and left property 12 years back. Second one left it 7 years back after taking his share. Third one is staying alone with his family in this property. Both of them now are not willing to sign on property papers to give third his full rights and are demanding equal share in this property. What should he do to get his right in property.