How to create a paypal account myself?

Can i open a paypal personal account myself online without any body’s help? Is it free or some processing fee is there? If it is there, then to whom and how should i pay? After opening an account online, can i start using it immediately after all formalities and necessities?

Can any one guide me where to exchange us dollars into Indian rupees?

Can any one help, where i can exchange us dollars into Indian rupees, i would like to have a specific address, i ve tried in Thomas cook, western union but its quite expensive, can any one help me with small tellers or private people..
Hey lemme know any other place for exchange apart from Thomas cook / western union, as said earlier its quite expensive, that s the reason am looking for some locals where i can exchange in Chennai…

How much EMI do I have to pay?

I have an HDFC Credit Card. I want to make a purchase of an item rated 22,000 and go for 9-month EMI option. The merchant’s condition is, Rs.500 processing fee + 1 Advance EMI. I want to know about ‘Advance EMI’ and how much should I have to pay as EMI for 9 month. Please explain.
Could anybody please explain the math behind it?

Why an object stationery in the air does not land to a different place if the earth rotates?

It is known that Earth rotates on its own axis and India and America are on the opposite sides of the Earth.So if India is facing sun at some time and position after 24 hrs America would be at the same position.Now if a helicopter in India is made to stand still in the air then after 24 hrs when America comes at the same position why doesn’t the helicopter land in America as it did not move with the surface?But the same does happen if the helicopter is made to stand still outside the Earth’s atmosphere in the space?