mutual fund identity theft ?

there are some cases in India of fraudulent withdrawal from mutual funds . how secure are mutual fund transactions , i have a big portfolio in mutual funds and really worried .

ULIP surrender charges?


I have life insurance policy from AVIVA India. So far I have paid 5 premium annually. I want to withdraw this policy now due to heavy maintains charges.
If I withdraw this policy now then AVIA is will deduct 1/3 amount of my total portfolio.
As per AVIVA deduction amount will get to reduce to zero If I maintain the policy for 30 years.

Can someone advice me as per RDA new guideline I read in news paper that there will not be any charges on withdrawn of policy after 5 premium paid.
Is that new rule applicable to existing policy ?
How can get the new IRDA guidelines document ?


kindly advice on my MF Investment Portfolio.?

please advice on which i have invested in MFs.Out of the follwoing which are can i hold and which are better to shift to some other or for redemtion.
1.Reliance Diversified Power Sector–Invested as Lumpsum of 25k in 2008 at nav of Rs.76
2.Reliance Natural Resources–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.25k in 2008 at nav of Rs.10.
3.Axis Equity–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.20k in 2009 at nav of Rs.10
4.ICICI Focussed Equity—Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.20k in 2008 at nav of Rs.13
5.Kotak Indo world Infrastructure–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.10k in 2008.
6HDFC TOP 200—SIP-1500/month from jul2008.
7.Birla Sun Life Frontline equity—SIP–1500/-month from jul 2008.
8.icici Dynamic—SIP—1500/- month from Aug 2009.
9.Birla Sunlife Midcap Plan A–SIP—2000/- month from Nov 2009.
10.SBI Magnum Contra—SIP—Rs.1500/- month from Nov 2009.
11.SBI Blue Chip—-SIP—Rs.1000/- month from Nov 2009.