Composition of Mutual fund portfolio?

Dear friends,
I am 29 years old and recently started investing in MFs through SIP. I have the following portfolio.

SBI magnum contra : Rs 3000 per month.
HDFC Top 200 : Rs 3000 per month.
Reliance Growth – RP : Rs 3000 per month.
Sundaram SMILE : Rs 3000 per month.

I want stay invested in above MFs for atleast 5 years. Please note all above MF investments I am doing are through SIP.

I have the following questions.
1. How does my portfolio looks (50% aggressive, and 50% in largecaps). Please suggest me if any alterations are required in my portfolio.
2. I would like to add another Rs 2000 to “HDFC Top 200” and make monthly SIP Rs 5000 per month. Or should I start another SIP with HDFC Prudence Rs 2000/- per month.

Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time and answering my queries.

Best Regards

Pls advise me some mutual funds to keep in portfolio ?

I want to build a good MF portfolio.. My age is 28 years.. I am married and have one newborn child.. Please suggest me some good mutual funds. to invest in SIP. I am planning to invest 5-6 thousand per month. So advise me some mutual funds.. Should I ivest in Equity funds.. or Balance funds or Index funds or Conservative funds or in all , if mix of all in what ratio should i invest and suggest some good names…
I am from India.. so Need mutual funds available in Indian market…

Please comment on this mutual fund portfolio.?

I intend to invest in mutual funds through SIP. The funds and the corresponding monthly SIP amount (in Rs) are as follows:
HDFC TOP 200: 2000

Please comment on choice of the funds. My aim is to remain invested for approx 20yrs. In all cases, growth option is implied. Do you suggest any changes in this portfolio to minimize risk and maximize return?
After reading the responses, I have some more questions to ask:
1. Why should one be interested more in midcap funds rather than large cap funds?
2. What is wrong with having more than one dividend yield fund?

Feedback on the MF portfolio?

I have recently started investing in MF. I have started with the following SIPs per month:

HDFC Top 200 Fund (G) – 4000
Birla Sun Life 95 Fund (G) – 3000
IDFC Premier Equity Fund – Plan A (G) – 2000
FT India Dynamic PE Ratio Fund of Funds (G) – 1000

I can increase the investment for another 5000 and want to hold the above funds for 3 years. Can anyone please comment on the above portfolio?

kindly advice on my MF Investment Portfolio.?

please advice on which i have invested in MFs.Out of the follwoing which are can i hold and which are better to shift to some other or for redemtion.
1.Reliance Diversified Power Sector–Invested as Lumpsum of 25k in 2008 at nav of Rs.76
2.Reliance Natural Resources–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.25k in 2008 at nav of Rs.10.
3.Axis Equity–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.20k in 2009 at nav of Rs.10
4.ICICI Focussed Equity—Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.20k in 2008 at nav of Rs.13
5.Kotak Indo world Infrastructure–Invested as Lumpsum of Rs.10k in 2008.
6HDFC TOP 200—SIP-1500/month from jul2008.
7.Birla Sun Life Frontline equity—SIP–1500/-month from jul 2008.
8.icici Dynamic—SIP—1500/- month from Aug 2009.
9.Birla Sunlife Midcap Plan A–SIP—2000/- month from Nov 2009.
10.SBI Magnum Contra—SIP—Rs.1500/- month from Nov 2009.
11.SBI Blue Chip—-SIP—Rs.1000/- month from Nov 2009.


Mutual Fund Portfolio Combination?

I am looking to invest in mutual fund from State Bank of India or ICICI Bank with portfolio in Debt Long Term, Balanced and Equity Diversified. Please advice the best combination with time horizon of 15-20 years. My financial goal is between 10-15 lakhs with SIP of Rs 1000-1500 per month.