Which is the Best and Cheapest Term Insurance Policy?

am 32 years old. I would like to know the following
1. Which are the companies which provide the best quotes for Term Insurance? Are the quotes for these companies available online?
2. How much Term Insurance Coverage you
3. How many years should I take cover for – is maximum duration really beneficial
4. Are the Private Sector Companies reliable? How are we protected if one of them collapses tomorrow? Or should we go for only LIC and SBI?

Insuranace policy for an indian aged 35 years?

I am 35 with 2 kids. i am the only working member of my family. I would like to have a simple insurance whereby I pay a sum of Rs.2000 or 3000 annually and this should give me a life cover of Rs.30 lakhs or so. I do not wish to have any return from any insurance policy. Is there any policy. I am told there are policies like this. From where in India i can buy such a policy. Please help
my monthly income is Rs.18000 per month. I can pay upto 3000 or 4000 for a cover of Rs. 20 lakh or so.
This type of policy works like comprehensive car insurance. If there is any theft any accident, the insurance co. pays, otherwise u get no return, only insurance.

medical insurance policy in india?

i would like to apply good medical insurance policy for all my family members. tell some of the insurance companies offering?
also tell me many insurance policy covers inpatients that is hospitalised patients. is there any insurance for general check up, outpatients ?