I had taken a policy from LIC of India for the ULIP Money Plus Last Year?

And i had paid for the first year and now second year payment has come and now iam worried with the Sensex crashing down badly investing again on this policy is worth or not?And being paid for the First Year and if i dont pay for the second year and later years. Will i get back atleast my invested money fully in the 4th year or 5th?Can you suggest what to do at this point of time.

What advantage does LIC’s Market Plus “without life cover” have over a mutual fund?

I took LIC’s Market Plus without life cover last year. Since this policy is without life cover, isn’t it like a mutual fund?

If it is like a mutual fund, why do they have so high premium allocation charge of 16.5%?

Since, I am just 23 years old, I don’t want to continue it for 20 years. So, if I surrender it after 3 years, I will be at loss, right?

What is the best way to get out this policy with as little loss as possible?

What is the NAV price for the date of 13th september, 2010?

Recently I renewed my policy named as "LIC's Market Plus" on 13th september, 2010. But still I havent got any information regarding the NAV price and the number of units alotted to me for that date. I logged on to licindia.in for that, but, the link is not getting opened. So, please tell me about this.