How do I account my pension income from the superannuation account operated by my prev. co. in IT returns?

I have not transferred any amount from my prev. company’s super annuation account to the current company SA account. I did not commute any part of that as well. Hence I am getting my pension paid out on a yearly basis from LIC with which my prev. company had the SA account. How do I treat this income from taxation perspective and where do I specify the same in ITR-2 (as I have to declare Income from house property)? As per Section 2 of the IT Act, I hope this should be quoted as part of “Salaries”. However in ITR-2 this part also requires the Employer name to be specified. As I am out of my prev. company, I am confused what to write there.

From an outside perspective, what do you think of the new Wisconsin Bill and the protesters?

Protests are still blowing up in Wisconsin, my high school has had two walk outs (most kids just wanted out of class). From what I understand, the bill is taking away the ability to bargin over a set amount (not fully taking it way) and making the government workers pay more in health care and pension. I just want to know the opinions of all the states watching all this happen. I deffinantly know all the opinion of the people here. What do you think?