How do I take care of a chinese money tree plant?

I bought a ‘money tree’ – one of those Chinese plants that is supposed to bring you good luck. Unfortunately, I’m terrible with plants, an frequently end up losing the poor things soon after I buy them. So, does anybody have any tips for taking care of a money tree?

Where can I find real estate courses in Delhi?

I am still looking for some information on institutes offering real estate courses in Delhi. There are few institutes which mentions in their online advertisements about offering real estate courses but once you visit their website, you won’t find one. Any information about short or long courses is highly appreciated.

Can I buy warrants traded on BSE into my demat account?

I want to buy warrants of a company. The warrants are traded on Bombay Stock Exchange. I have a demat account and I often buy & sell shares in the markets. I am not sure about buying warrants. Can I buy warrants from BSE and hold them in my demat account ? Are warrants and dematerialized shares treated equally?