Can I buy warrants traded on BSE into my demat account?

I want to buy warrants of a company. The warrants are traded on Bombay Stock Exchange. I have a demat account and I often buy & sell shares in the markets. I am not sure about buying warrants. Can I buy warrants from BSE and hold them in my demat account ? Are warrants and dematerialized shares treated equally?

my basic salary is rs:30000 how much % of pf and pension cut?

I am Biswajit Maira I want to know about P.F Rule.
1. My basic salary is Rs:30000/month, Now my question is how much % of P.F and pension will deducted/month?
2. I want to know that for this any special permission will be taken from the P.F commissioner to my company.
According To my Company——-

Basic E.P.F EPF Diff between Pension Fund
12%and8.33%if any Contribution8.33%
31,163.60 3,740.00 1,144.00 2,596.00

I want know is this true or not? Please give me right information.
With Regards
Biswajit Maira
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