why are there no holidays( public holidays/pension for a house maker(house wife)?

is she a free taken for granted all time help, 24X7 all 365 days?

i know that this may nt be so in every household. i am sure in many families the other members do help and are concerned about her…

but sadly in majority of homes she doesn’t get leaves/holidays and retirement benefits either?

it is worse in career women who play a multi tasker? in spite of hired helps she is the one who works maximum in a family?

are we taking advantage of her love for the family and she slogs for her family members?( i know she may not mind it bcz of her love) but doesn’t she need some break…from all this domestic drudgery?

why doesn’t govt provide house wife’s pension/benefits??? being a home maker is a busy profession too?
@dove: one mothers’ day out of 365 days? is tht enough?

then there is one fathers’ day too???

btw i am no member of any women’s liberation! 🙂
@ brendan : the scenario varies as per the country/culture..so u cant generalize saying that no one is forcing her to be a home maker…in some countries women are forced to be so!
thnx for the response.

What are the pension benefits under the 5th pay commission report?

I have retired as anunder Under Secretary to the Govt. of Karnataka 23 years back.The pension I receive today is not commensurate with the high cost of living and with the high inflationary trends today.An increase in my pension will help me a lot to meet and set off the high costs and help me to have a good living.I therefore look forward for some relief from this report.