Good Guaranteed return pension plan ????

Please suggest a Good and Best Pension Plan of any company (private or government) which gives me a guaranteed return approx 25000/- every month (as pension) after 20 years up to my death and then after to my wife up to her death and then lumsum amount to my Son also.
Right now premium does not matter.
100% risk free plan.
Don’t suggest any market linked plan please…
Here is 20 yrs tenure/period. In this tenure unfortunately i will die between the ccompletion of tenure the policy gives lumsum amount to my dependent (wife or son) and also pension to my wife and son.
Presently i am 30 years old and my wife is 27 years old and Son is 06 months old.

LIC pension policy at 47 age?

I am 47 yrs of age and wish to buy a LIC policy for pension. At present I can invest Rs. 5000 per month. Please let me know how much pension I can get every month after my retirement.
Or please suggest a option where I can have income of Rs 50K to Rs. 60K per month after my retirement.