ICICI Life Time Super Pension plan payment?

I am using ICICI Life Time Super Pension plan
I paid 24000Rs (1000/month) for 2 years.
This is my 3rd year for this plan
Can anyone give me the sum i will get after 3rd year. Do i need to pay after 3year payment?
When should i withdraw my money to get high payment?

I am new to this. Please tell me how to improve this?

Thanks in advance

what should to do in where i as a payee, bank noticed me that demand draft have stop payment by drawer?

a customer purchased materials against demand draft and as a payee i wandered when that said draft have bing stop payment by drawer ! beside this i am unable to find that purchaser in his address due to he had given false address to me. Now question, how i can collect the proper address of said customer which remain in that bank ? can do a bank so help me ?