We had a verbal agreement to selling a property and received an amount as part payment.?

However, there was no written agreement for the same. Subsequent to this, due to some reason, the other party withdrew their intent to purchase the property and wanted their money back. Now, they have sent some letters which state false information by registered post which has to be acknowledged. Does receipt of these letters and not replying to them amount to agreement with whatever is stated in these letters? Do they have any valid grounds for legal action?

Income tax payment for additional incomes than salary?

I work in a IT company where Incxome tax is detucted in our salary. I have earning of 100000 from my investments. I had to pay an additional amount of 10000 or so as Income tax additionally to what my comapny detucts for income tax. How can I pay this. Do I need to show any documentation for my 100000 earning while paying this.
I got the money b investing the money in shares.