May I eligible for getting insured amount against my Fixed deposit receipts, if I may not have receipt?

I had Fixed deposit receipts(FDR) in one of the sahakari bank in Gujarat. I have sold some FDR to liquiditor at 45% rate (Because total amount was exceeding Rs. 1 lakh), meanwhile the RBI rule came not to do this type of settlement. The party has submitted the FDRs in the bank. Now against my FDR, the cheque of 1 lakh came, But bank requires all the FDRs, which I donot have and party has submitted in the Bank., Now Bank is forcing me to deposite money for my FDR in the Bank and take back the FDR and take the cheque.
Is it fair, instead of forcing liqiditor, they are forcing Fixed deposite holders to give money? If they will not considered the liquidator’s submitted FDRs against their loan (due to RBI rule), why Bank is keeping with them the same FDRs?.
What about my other FDRs, which I have?
Please Guide me what could be done to get cheque of Rs. 1 lakh?