Is it legal to sell property to brother?

I have a homeloan against a property since last three years.
I want to buy a property near by to my office and hence want to sell my current property so that i can apply for fresh loan.
Instead of selling it third party, i want to sell it to my brother who is salaried person. He will have to apply loan to purchase property from me and we will formally make an sale agreement as per regualar procedure.
As its a transaction between blood relation, will there be any legal matter during agreement or home loan? Please advice


baba IN march 2009 issued a cheque no.859783 drawn on PNB rupees 1100000/= to BJP.[BY -PATANJALI AYURVED LTD.]
is baba a financier
@ jumpinn sun —But Baba Ramdev has also donated chanda to Congress also.

your above info is new to me.
will you give source of your info plz?
no problem with his political affiliations [if] with many political parties at a time.
he should fairly come forward with the clean hands instead of be fooling the public.
how he can donate the donated money to a non political trust for the specific purpose to a political party? moreover in that case when he is blaming these politicians as corrupt.

@gandhi–corruption is a strength of UPA and INC is corrupt Guru.
However your information is as strange as the information of Jumpin Sun.
Please submit your link / proof to establish your claim as valid and ask Jumpin Sun to do the same.
Then it will be proved that who is fooling the public,Baba or you !
————–read here who is be fooling we or gandhians–

What should be done when a ac payee only cheque is returned with the banks stamp in it.?

There will be a slip accompanying the returned cheque/instrument with Bankers remarks about the reason for return of the instrument. If the instrument is bounced not because of your fault,Contact the issuer and get it rectified. If not contact a Lawyer and send the Legal Notice within 15 days to the issuer of the cheque and keep your claim alive. If no response is coming you can lodge the Police complaint and get the Party arrested

What to wear to a black and gold dance party?

hiya im going to a black and gold dance party tonight and dont know what to wear. All the shops are closed so i cant go out and buy anything 🙁
I have a tux etc but im not really sure what to wear
just thourgt id add am i dude thanks for your answer tho eva