House Loan for a Property wife owns?

We are planning to Construct a house in a Property which my wife owns. She is House wife and have no earnings of her own.
Can we get a Home Loan in my Name (or Jointly)? And whether I can claim for all Tax benefits related to this Home Loan?

Can exemption from long term capital gains tax under section 54F be availed if one already owns a house?

A person sells a plot of vacant land, purchased over 3 years ago, and from the sale proceeds of the land, he proposes to purchase a flat so that he can avail exemption of long term capital gains tax under section 54F. However, if he already owns one previous flat(house property) can he still avail the tax exemption by purchasing a second house property? Is there any limit to the number of house properties one already owns, prior to the purchase of this new house property, in order to avail the tax exemption under discussion?