What is the procedure for transfer of title of property from Joint owners to single owner?

My Father had purchased the property in Ahmedabad (India) 30 years ago, which was jointly registered in the name of my FATHER, GRANDMOTHER (Deceased), UNCLE & AUNTY.

Now today, we want to transfer the title of the property in the name of my FATHER with mutual consent of Uncle & Aunty without any dispute.

What is the procedure to do so? Are there any charges to be incurred? Is there any stamp duty to be paid? Please elaborate!

Thank you!!

Do banks charge anything from shopkeepers for giving them credit card facility?

Some shopkeepers like jewelers, in electronics shops, charge additional 2% over the price of the commodity if we pay thru credit card and the reason told is that they are charged by banks for this.Is this true or are they fooling the customers? Yesterday I bought a mobile phone and paid by credit card & the same happened to me.Have I been fooled?If yes, what action can I take against this?

What Benefits do a 100Sqft Flat Owner get in Re-Development?

Actually my society is thinking of redevelopment of the society and i have a single room of nearly 100 sqft. It is ownership flat and i have heard different views from different people. I have heard that minimum a builder has to give for small flats is 250 sqft.
Can Any One give any idea on this, will be of great help. Thank You.

How to find flat without brokerage in pune?

How to find flat without brokerage in pune?
I have been finding a apartment in pune, but all flats are been handled by brokers and they ask for too much brokerage.

Is there a way to find better place with no brokerage and get in touch with owner of apartment and not the broker.