How can I file income tax returns for my Earnings over Internet?

I am venu from INDIA. I want some suggestions. I will be earning some money every month over Internet. for the last year I have earned 4 lakhs. Now I want to file Income tax. But I don’t know whom to consult and which form to fill up for filing the tax. Can anybody suggest me the answer of what form to file the tax ? or Is there any tax rules for earning money over Internet.

Why people still prefer Government banks over privet sector banks?

I mean….privet sector banks like ICICI or HFDC etc in India…are top notch service provider compared to all those govt banks put together…but still general people still go for govt banks mostly unless otherwise there is special reason to go for privet sector banks.

Does ones money secure in privet sector banks…I mean…if the company bankrupts their any chance of loosing ur money ?

What advantage does LIC’s Market Plus “without life cover” have over a mutual fund?

I took LIC’s Market Plus without life cover last year. Since this policy is without life cover, isn’t it like a mutual fund?

If it is like a mutual fund, why do they have so high premium allocation charge of 16.5%?

Since, I am just 23 years old, I don’t want to continue it for 20 years. So, if I surrender it after 3 years, I will be at loss, right?

What is the best way to get out this policy with as little loss as possible?