I am new to Mutual Fund – Placed order for 2000?

I have started an account with Sharekhan. I placed an order of Rs 2000 today. Now the status is “Pending” and the rep told me ikt will take 2 days to get executed. It was for SBI MF (Tax saving). I just wanted to know whether I will be able to know where all they put my money (in which company shares) and how? And one more thing, how can I show my company that I am investing in MF (for tax excemption) because everything is Online.

What is stopping people from making their own currency? Circumventing the banks?

Why doesnt each person make their own currency? Then they can trade it among other friends and relatives based upon the projected value by their registered associated holdings. Keep track by internet or phone app or something. Then we can all be our own bankers and manage our own treasury and so on. Goodbye banks. Goodbye inflations. Goodbye tyranny. Hello Just world!….?