How much EMI do I have to pay?

I have an HDFC Credit Card. I want to make a purchase of an item rated 22,000 and go for 9-month EMI option. The merchant’s condition is, Rs.500 processing fee + 1 Advance EMI. I want to know about ‘Advance EMI’ and how much should I have to pay as EMI for 9 month. Please explain.
Could anybody please explain the math behind it?

Loan for Earnest Money in Govt Housing schemes?

I heard that the SBI offers a loan for paying the earnest money for Govt. Housing schemes like HUDA. Unnder this scheme, they charge a fixed service fee of about Rs 5000 with no interest. If you do not get an allotment, HUDA pays directly to the bank and you do not have to worry.

Anybody has an idea if this is correct. I need to know which branches in Delhi offer such facility. Also any other offering somethin gof this nature?

SBI banking – FD and online service -?

what is your experience with state bank of india..
i wanted to open a account with them for FD good are they in service.
every time i visit,i always spend ending up hours to wait because of the huge crowd
how good are they in offering internet banking and online services for FD.
do they offer the same service as ICICI, where i could invest in FD and pre close it anytime i want, and all through online or by a phone call. i dont have time and energy to visit their branch each time