LIC policy not claimed within due date?

What happens if the LIC policy is not claimed within due date? Will it be cancelled?

For eg, if the due date is = 5th October and you do not claim it, and after that you get another notice to claim within 15th October. What will happen if i do not claim even after 15th October? Will i be able to get another one month time.

What are the benefits of bandh on 1st October 2007 in Tamilnadu? (in India)?

I will not be able to do the following due to bandh!!!
I cannot go office, factories, hospitals, banks, post offices, airports, railway stations, vegetable shops, provision shops, textile shops, hotels, libraries, friends house, relatives houses, marriages, functions, no buses, no trains, etc
Patients in hospitals will die or become serious. People who have booked railway/flight tickets will have to cancel tickets. All important programmes all over Tamilnadu will get cancelled. People who die on the bandh day cannot be cremated on the bandh day.