I want to earn money without investment. How and what can I start?

I have being doing service as Purchase executive in Crown Television and after that I have done job as receptionist, Purchase and store assistant and then lastly HR executive in Signour Laminates.I have a experience of 15 to 18 years. Now I want to earn money without investment as I have many responsibilities. So please give me a chance and suggestions.

Can anybody explain following Actuarial problems step by step?

Can anybody explain following Actuarial problems step by step?
1.Mohan and John have equal amounts of money to invest. Mohan purchases a 10 year annuity-due with annual payments of Rs. 2500 each. John invests his money in a savings account earning 9% effective annual interest for two years. At the end of two years, he purchases a 15-year immediate annuity with annual payments of Z. If both annuities are valued using an effective annual rate of 8% find the value of Z.
2.In fund X money accumulates at force of interest δt = .01t+.010 for 0

Paypal won’t let me use my Mastercard?

I want to purchase a laptop on ebay for my boyfriend. costs around 800$. The seller is only accepting paypal. so I joined paypal last week. I added a Debit MasterCard. Paypal deducted 1.95$ and asks for the code as usual. The code was nowhere to be found either on card statement or pass book. I met the bank manager, he said there is no code in entire transaction detail. Now, I purchased a VCC to get my paypal verified. I verified my account. But when I try to purchase again it says “enter 4 digit paypal verification code”. Its been a week and I just don’t know how to complete payment. What should I do?