is our responsibility to deduct income tax on salary of previous employer?

We have 30 employees in our Company, some are new joiners in middle of the year. is there our responsibility to deduct IT on salary of their previous employer? for e.g. their previous salary is non taxable but current salary is taxable and end of the year his whole salary is taxable. is there necessary to deduct tax his/her salary of their previous employer too.. please help me out.

Credit card for non US citizens?

I need someone to tell me if there is a way to apply for a VALID credit (Visa ,Master , others )card with US address for non US citizens .

I want to shop from Microsoft but it’s only for limited countries ,is there any work around method ?

By the way I live in Middle east now .
By the way I live in Middle East now .

Non payment of credit card payment and personnel loan?

One of my friends left dubai to India without settling the dues of credit cards of 5-6 banks and personnel loan also. Altogether the the amount would be more that DHS 150,000.00 2-3 banks called me also and they were asking his contact no. in India . I dont have his no . However will the banks get their amount ? can they catch him?