mutual funds???

I am planning to invest in mutual funds around 50k, for a short term, might not extend beyond 3-4 months, that would yeild the most. I want to know which is the better one in india?? and would it be possible to know where the firm has been investing???? Please Help me.
When i checked the for past 3 years, i couldnt find any dip for the 3 month investments( correct me if i am wrong). I want to increase my money as much as possible in the shotest duration. SInce, I am new to this i would want to play safe and also. Would it be possible for you to let me know what are the other forms of safe investments. or which mutual fund to go for, i could see that the magnum global fund has yeilded 22% and principal tax savings has yeilded 18.5% do you think that these will continue to appriciate or are they saturated or which one might appreciate the most for the next 3 months.
and also what do you mean by money market fund??

Since the kiranawallas and the vegetable retail shopowners do not pay taxes why we should support them?

The kiranawallas and the roadside vegetable and eatable vendors do not pay taxes which is a big revenue leakage for the govt. The big retail chains will give employment, pay taxes to the govt. and also make the shopping a pleasant experience. Why the political parties are supporting these tax evading kiranawallas? Whether the common people should support such political parties?

What course can I apply for after completing my graduation in Bachelor in Accounting and Finance?

What course can I apply for after completing my graduation in Bachelor in Accounting and Finance?
Like m planning for MBA. I wanted to know the procedure for application in MBA in Finance. But along with it are there any accounts or Finance related course except CA which has a good scope in Future. Currently I am in Second year of Bachelor in Accounting and Finance. Like I would also love to learn about stock markets. Are there any stock related course which are suggestable along with MBA?

wat is the meaning of a valume in NSE & BSE?

and why it gradually increses from the openning of exchange?wat it imples for the stock?if it is incresing rapidlly or is incresing slowlly,what is it implys?is it show how much the stock is hot or cold?what is NET PROFIT MARGINE of a stock.