Indian revenue property records explanation needed?

What is the difference between 7/12 extract, 8a extract, and 6 Hak Patra?

If one’s names as owners are on 6 Hak Patra, but not on 7/12 extract what are the legal implications?

If a property owner dies leaving heirs such as wife and children, what do they need to do to enter their names on the revenue records, i.e. what is the procedure and what documents would they need to furnish to enter their names on record?

Thank you , this is very important, so only serious replies please from knowledgeable people.

SBI (State Bank of India) Fixed Deposits HELP needed (Please take some time and do reply)?

I have a Savings account with SBI. It is linked with an online SBI account, i.e. I can view all my savings bank account details, PPF account details, Fixed deposits details etc through internet.

My question is:

If I open a FIxed deposit online with the e-STDR facility, for lets say 3 years, how will I receive the money on maturity?

Lets say I deposit Rs 50,000 and am supposed to get Rs 62000 after 3 years. Then will these Rs 62000 be deposited to my account directly or do I have to go to the bank to claim the money after 3 years?

Also Since the interest earned per year is less that Rs. 10,000, so I do not have to fill any form 15G right? Also I am not eligible for TDS on this Rs 12,000 interest? right?

Also though my question is for SBI but I hope the same answers will be true for HDFC etc as well.Please correct me if not..

Thanks a ton. Please take some time and do reply….