Need information regarding tax on fixed deposit?

I have some 12lakhs. i wanted to invest it on a property next year. I am planning to deposit this amount in bank for 1 year.
I wanted to know about the tax deductions?
if i fill the TDS form will i be exempted from tax?
Which is a better way to invest i.e, investing the full amount in a single deposit or splitting the amount and depositing in different banks?
Please suggest some other investment plans where i can invest this amount other than FD for 1 year.

Do I need to pay income tax on the interest I earned on foreign investments?

I have an house in another country and at moment I am renting it.
Do I need to pay tax on the rental income? Do I need to declare that I own an house in another country? At moment I already paying tax in that country.
Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I am in US and I live and work here. The house in another country and I pay already tax on the propriety and I already pay tax on the money that I earn for the renting.

Anyway, how can I found in US one rofessional tax preparer. I was thinking to use Turbotax software also.


Do I need to file return in such situation?

I am female my income becomes non-taxable after all the deductions, so basically I will filing nil return. Do I need to file return? I have heard that nil return can be filed anytime.Is it true? Also my in-laws paid some principal amount of loan which I have taken? Do I have show this in myreturn as they are joint holder of the property and given cheque from their bank account. Can I show income from other sources upto 1 lac in ITR1 or ITR2?

Do I need to pay estimated taxes quarterly if I make enough trading stocks?

I have a full time job and have started trading stocks few months back. Already I have enough realized gains that will force me to pay additional tax. My question is do I need to pay estimated taxes quarterly based on the profits I have made so far or can I wait till the end of the year to pay my taxes.
Any one who has been in this situation, if you can share your experience, it will be greatly appreciated.

I need information on Property dealings?


My property is registered on my name and my husbands name. But whole investment was done by myself. I have all the required proofs also. I am planning to for title declaration. Please let me know how much the court fee will be and let me know the details on how to proceed with this. The property is in Hydeabad.