Need information regarding tax on fixed deposit?

I have some 12lakhs. i wanted to invest it on a property next year. I am planning to deposit this amount in bank for 1 year.
I wanted to know about the tax deductions?
if i fill the TDS form will i be exempted from tax?
Which is a better way to invest i.e, investing the full amount in a single deposit or splitting the amount and depositing in different banks?
Please suggest some other investment plans where i can invest this amount other than FD for 1 year.

Service Tax Income crossed 10 Lakh but Does not cross this year. Should I need to raise Service Tax Bill?

Previous year Service Tax Income Cross 10 Lakh. Accordingly we enrolled service tax registration, submit service tax challan & filled the return. But this year we are not crossing 10 Lakhs thresh-hold limit. My question is do I need to raise Service Tax bill to the party for collecting Service Tax & then submit the Service Tax return instead of NIL Return?

How much tax i need to pay?

I am from India and i am earning some money from freelancing. This year i earned 3,00,000. I like to know how much i need to pay as income tax? And also i like to know what is meant by exempt? Do exempt is applicable for me?


Need a sample sales agreement for a commercial building owned by 4 ppl being sold to one person.?

I’m in need of an example of what a sales agreement would look like when a property measuring x sq yds is sold by 4 ppl to one person for an amount of rs X.
i need all the necessary clauses mentioned in it for example-circumstances on account of cancellation by one of the parties…..etc.
It would be really good if anyone could provide me with templates or sample files of the same.
Your help is highly appreciated.