How much interest will 48,.000 USD give in icci or sbi per mth?

namaste just wante to find out how much interest per mth
useable interest will one recive per mth banking 48,000 USD
in icci or sbi – that is to ay for a foreigner –

how much would one need as an average middle class person family life as
in rent for apartment food electric bill medical and travel and chool fees – ????

How can i get my money from my friend, which i gave a year back through personal loan ?

Hi Friends,

I am from chennai and one of my friend was looking for a new business and decided to start up a BPO. they were in need of some urgent money so they needed my help, he was my 6 year friend from college days so decided to give them 1 Lakh, and through a personal loan. this was arrivedat lots of condition like 1 year pay back, paying EMI to bank and others unfortunately i did not take any writted document except for the photocopy of the cheque which i gave it to him.

now after 18 months they have shut down the company which they started and denies to pay my money back. can somethin be done to get my money back. will the photocopy be a legal document and can i take legal action against him. Kindly suggest me friends.

How and from where to get a market research report online?

Market research reports are the best friend for a business. It gives them a direction in which they can proceed.

As i know there are a lot of companies providing market research reports online on different prices. You should buy something which fulfill your need in a best way.

You just need to have a credit card, cash cards to buy a report online.

At what rate premature with drawal of FD gets charged?

I am planning to start an FD for 1 lakh in any of the bank over a period of one year(as i may need with in one year). The interest rate is almost 6% or 7%. If i am withdrwing after 6 months incase I need money, will i get interest and what will be the amount deducted? How much will i get back?Can anybody please advise.