immigration marriage documents needed?

can any1 help my fiance has recenly been deported back to india he is indian national i am brittish i am unsure on what documents i may need for interview when applying for spouse visa some peopl say i may need savings account staements house hold bills birth certificate pay slips letters from my family members stating we are a real couple photos and so on does any1 no what documents i will need to provide to the authorities in india after our marriage also does my partner need any sort of id to apply for special marriage liscience will it be easy for him to apply for a passport after being deported alsowill it take long to bring him back to uk

How to open sbi saving bank account in hyd?

HI to all.i want to open a saving account in sbi bank. But I dont know friends told me that u should know atleast one account holder in that branch. And what are the required documents? I should need check book also. How long it will take to come? How can I open without surety ? Please tell me. Dont say ask in bank !

Which is the best travel insurance from India?

For an Indian of age 66 years going to USA on immigration, planning to return to India after 7 months for a month’s visit and then again after 11 months for a month’s visit. Looking for the insurance which will be honoured in USA, if the need arises, without un-justified objections.

Can I get a small loan with bad credit?

I am in debt with a few different companies. Its been about 2 years and I owe approximately $900. I don’t know my exact credit score. All I need is $1,000 for student expenses. Any help?
I have already recieved financial aid for college at the beginning of the semester. I am in need of the money this month as soon as possible to keep from being evicted from my apartment. I will have more than enough to pay back the money next month.