Is it necessary that I must pay tax if sell my land property?

Hi I’m a guy from India. I own certain piece of land. I’m going to sell this land to get money. My aim is to repair certain buildings I have in another place.
Meanwhile, i was advised by one of my friends that I must pay to the government. Is it true?
This land is about 70 cents. The expected price per cent is Rs. 1,00,00.
What are the rules regarding this. Please help, thanks.

Please help on income tax. Is it necessary to show alimony received?

I divorced this financial year and received one-time alimony from my ex. I am a working woman and demanded the money becase my ex understand only the language of money. It is my understanging that onetime alimony is not taxable. If this is correct, do i need to show it in my tax return. I dont want to show if that is valid? Anybody with good knowlege on Indian IT, please answer this question. Thank you.

Is it necessary to deduct Tax at source even if one is employed for a short duration?

Is it necessary to deduct Tax at source even if one is employed for a short duration as low as one month.His salary works out to 25,000/- but was employed only for 45 days on a consultation basis.The company employed him has deducted a tax at 10 % of the total salary/compensation paid to him. The company can issue a certificate to the effect of deducting Tax. But is it correct in the situation his total salary drawn over the financial year in any case does not exceed the taxable income.