Some help required to understand mutual funds. Please see details below bfore answering?

Ive invested in an open ended equity mutual fund (reinvest divident)…but still find it tricky to understand..
a. According to the Indian Tax rules, I believe that a redistribution tax of 12.5% would have to be paid.
b. While my fund does have a entry load, there is no exit load. Further the annual fund cost is 1.75%
c. While my NAV was 56.03 when I bought the units, the current NAV is 62.03 (1 year later).
Therefore my questions are…
1. In case I sell my units now…would the distribution tax, annual fund cost be deducted?
2. Assuming that I have 100 units…could someone tell me in Indian Rs what will be the final amount I get in hand taking into consideration the above NAVs and after all the deductions or tell me how to calculate it?
3. what else do I need to keep in mind while selling my units in order to get a profit on my initial investment