How to plan to buy a flat saving on Tax?

I am doing a small business in Bangalore. I want to use the sale proceeds of my share of ancestral property in Kerala to buy a flat in Bangalore with the support of a housing loan for the balance amount. Would you please tell me how to plan things such as transfer of the fund from Kerala, etc. with respect to tax issues? What documents I will have furnish to Tax authorities. Your advices Please Thank you!

To sell the house and close a housing loan?

Do we need to tell the bank that how much we are selling the house? Since the Bank will have the original document, will the people from bank will ask about the selling price also or it is just pay the remaining loan amount and close.

Why Introduction is must for opening an account in banks?

Al most all banks ask an introducer to open a account in their bank. The introducer may be of any type. Actually the banker may not be knowing the introducer in person. But his signature is honoured. Why, what is the logic/ reason behind it. Can any one clear me?
Is it applied to all like ministers, governors , secretary’s, etc ?