No colteral – student loan in india ?

i made my life miserable. i needed a loan for my daughter from PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK at Meerut. It negated my daufgter not being a domicile of UP ( Meerut ). I approached SBI at Sec’bad . After several round of quallel i was given a booklet containing appl form. Documents reqd needed a several round travels to and fro Meerut where i was employed.
Then i was posted to Sec/bad . Aapproached PNB once again. they asked for documents which were nothing but considered colateral ( less than 4.5 lakhs ). the y wanted a joint account, they wanted asset verification, they sent their inspector physical verification of the immoveable assts of the student parent. IS it not the violation of the extreme level .
To whom should i complaint as the anti poor procedures is meant to deny the needy . it is like oiling the already well oiled machines.
pl forgive me for the typographical mistake- it’s colateral.

Which Indian website would provide me a lot of technical and fundamental knowledge about stocks under NSE?

I am a new trader in Indian Stock Market, specially a day trader. I also invest money in the stocks which gives a return in short term, mid term and also long term. Now I want to get a thorough knowledge about the technical analysis and fundamental analysis of the stocks which are listed only under National Stock Exchange of India. Are there any website which would provide me about the same? Please help.