What should i do? should i start some job or should i continue studing something? please reply me Soon.?

my name ia Rahul, 20 years old. i m livin in chandigarh. i want to shift to mumbai & m gonna b shift there in few weeks. ma dad passed away 11years ago, so bcoz of no guidence, i didn’t got ny knowladge or guidence about/related to ny field. my mom is working in punjab national bank as a Clerk. i hav done +2 in 2005, droped 1 year n recently i hav taken 1st year exams of B.A. through corresspondence. earlier i wanted to start something in ny business field(nt specific). i learned printing business for 3moths, opticals business for 2months but at last i found that i m not eligible in financial as well as in man power for doing any business. i was never good, was average in studies. but now i want to do some professional course timed for maximum 1 n a half year in mumbai. please tell me sumthing n guide me for some way. I KNOW N HAV CONFIDENCE DAT IN WHICH FIELD I’LL GO, i’ll DO d best n i’ll acchieve d best, wether dat field ir difficult or sumthing. please guide me d best. n SOOOOOOOON

To all Indians and also if anybody anywhere who is specialised on banking this is a question to u…..?

i passed out of college this yr..i was given a bank draft to take away my caution deposite money frm my college..now that said its valid till 6 months of issue…
but my questin is simple…i have some how lost it…(loosing such a thing u can understand never is deliberate..i was carefull but misplaced it..somehow..)now its a Rs 5000/- bank draft.made frm punjab national bank.with my mane on it…
1. what should i do now?
2. can that be re issued?
3 please tell me a way i can get that draft back?
4. if it had fallen into some one elses hand..can he/she do something with it?(it had my name on it)

please help

if there is one door closed we all know god keeps 100 open for us!