I have a house under my and my wife’s name. I am overseas. I have given general power of attorney to my father. Now I want to transfer the property to My mother’s name and my wife’s name. What is the procedure for that? How much fees I have to pay? Can my father sign on behalf of me and my wife? The property is in Gujarat, India.

if the proprietor of organisation expire, can authorize signatory pay the tax with his/her name?

Hello All,
Here is an organisation which proprietor expired but authorize signatory deposit the tax like tds and income tax under the name of proprietor who is no more with out mentioning the word “Late” before the name of proprietor.
In this case, is it legally right or wrong?
If it is wrong, tell me correct procedure, athough they already sent the death information of proprietor to Department of Income tax office.

How can I transfer the GPA to my mothers name?


My father had a residential land in Merrut. The only document which we have at this point of time is a GPA in the name of my late father, given to him by the seller. This is a notarized GPA.

My father passed away few years back. So please let me know how can I get this property transferred on to my mothers name?

Thanks, GS
This was purchased from a Private Builder in Merrut, India.

So in this case at this point of time who is the owner of the plot?

Housing Loan Interest exemption in the name of spouse (house wife) and instalment paid by husband?

Property in the name of housewife. Can the Husband get deductions for housing loan interest?

I have taken housing loan from a bank, myself being an applicant and my wife is a co-applicant. She is housewife. She has no income. While, at the time of Registration of my flat, it was registered in the name of my wife. The repayment of housing loan instament is being paid by me from my own income. Can I claim housing loan intrests benefits, as per income tax benefit?