Can i have some tips on Mutual Fund investment in India?


I am investing in mutual fund schemes of three fund houses since last 9 months through SIP.

Types of my schemes are

1. Equity Scheme
2. Diversified Equity Scheme and
3. Balanced Scheme

They are of SBI,Reliance and HDFC respectively.

Since this is my very first MF investment i want advised in

1.Which is the right time to switch/redeem accumulate units?
(At what time i can take decision / by looking at what?)

2.Shall i withdraw all amount as it is giving me good return within 8 months or shall i wait for some more type (typically 2/3 years)?

3.Which MF Scheme giving good return,promising and reliable as of now?

4. Where can i get MF Scheme related details online?

Thanks in advance.

mutual fund investment?

i m an nri n wnt to invest abt 3 lac in mf looking for long term abut 3 yr or mor pl suggest me the best funds i hv visited my hsbc bank thy suggested me to go for 1 tempelton flexicap 2 hsbc india opp 3 pru icici dynamic 4. reliance growth pl comment on thm

Composition of Mutual fund portfolio?

Dear friends,
I am 29 years old and recently started investing in MFs through SIP. I have the following portfolio.

SBI magnum contra : Rs 3000 per month.
HDFC Top 200 : Rs 3000 per month.
Reliance Growth – RP : Rs 3000 per month.
Sundaram SMILE : Rs 3000 per month.

I want stay invested in above MFs for atleast 5 years. Please note all above MF investments I am doing are through SIP.

I have the following questions.
1. How does my portfolio looks (50% aggressive, and 50% in largecaps). Please suggest me if any alterations are required in my portfolio.
2. I would like to add another Rs 2000 to “HDFC Top 200” and make monthly SIP Rs 5000 per month. Or should I start another SIP with HDFC Prudence Rs 2000/- per month.

Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time and answering my queries.

Best Regards

Pls advise me some mutual funds to keep in portfolio ?

I want to build a good MF portfolio.. My age is 28 years.. I am married and have one newborn child.. Please suggest me some good mutual funds. to invest in SIP. I am planning to invest 5-6 thousand per month. So advise me some mutual funds.. Should I ivest in Equity funds.. or Balance funds or Index funds or Conservative funds or in all , if mix of all in what ratio should i invest and suggest some good names…
I am from India.. so Need mutual funds available in Indian market…

“LIC” v/s “HDFC SLI + Mutual fund”?

I have 2 LIC Jeevan Anand Policies for which I am paying 26,000 /- p.a. (they are just 1 year old)
Assured security = 5 lakh, returns on maturity = 10-15 lakh (as per my knowledge)

Recently I heard of HDFC SLI which can give you security shield of > 15 lakh for only 5000/- p.a. (but no returns on maturity).

I am recently married and my age is 27 yrs.
So I have 2 priorities-
(1) secirity shiled to family
(2) investment in market (e.g. mutual fund) a.s.a.p. to get more benefit of compounding.

so I was wondering to close my LIC policies and distrucute my money as-
(1) 5000/- in policy liek HDFC SLI, so that my family will get security of > 15 lakh
(2) 21,000/- in mutual funds which after 20 years will give me returns far better than LIC (as per my knowledge)

I know that MF is riskier than LIC, and I will have to keep regular watch on it, so that I can divert / withdraw money when market goes down.

Am I thinking of right option ? or I am putting my money in risky way ?