where can i get postcards to send abroad in navi-mumbai?

i want to buy some postcards but not from the post office….it may be about india. can you please please give me the address and contact info of stores from which i can buy postcards in navi mumbai?
i want to send these postcards to different countries. even special greeting cards depicting india on the first page is fine….

getting residence proof document from indian post offices?

I have heard Indian Post offices started giving residence proof document for a fee of 250rs. Can anyone suggest if it is correct or not? I live in Mumbai and would like to get one? What documents are required by the post office to issue someone that document?
I found identification cards at the http://www.indiapost.gov.in/Netscape/MailServices.html#6._Identification_Cards
but not anything about residence proof document
prad, thanks for the reply. But, when i called a few post offices in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai they were clueless about it. Can u offer some more suggestions of getting a residence proof which will be accepted by government? Can getting a LIC policy work? If so, how do I get that for minimum amount just for the sake of address proof? Can you please clarify? Thanks