My grandfather aquired a property in Mumbai in 1940s. thereafter after my grandfathers and fathers?

death the property came to me and my three we are sellling the property for Rs.1 crore.what will be capital gains tax how to benefit and calculate indexation and how to save capital gains tax. where can the money be invested .secondly whether the received money adjusted against furnishing and interior decoration of new house previous to sale.thirdly whether the money can be invested in land to save tax.fourthly whether land property sold attracts capital gains tax?

Can you plz suggest a course for getting job in banks,Financial Organisations, etc. in Mumbai?

I am an engineering graduate and 3 year experience as a programmer at TCS.I am tired of My job and planning for a career shift.I Would like to work in Banking and finance sector.Since MBA may consume my another two years,I would like to go for some short term courses(say six months,three months etc) through which i can get an entry to Banks or financial organisation so that I can take a part time MBA.

Can you suggest such courses in Mumbai? Do the Courses conducted by NSE etc help for getting a job somewhere? Please help.