Selling my property which is on mortgage?

I bought a plot in mysore in 2005 and have built a house and left it on rent now i have decided to sell it. The property is registered in my name and the loan for the site and construction was taken in my name and i have all the documents supporting that i have incurred all exps. My question is can i sell it without my wife’s consent?

claiming the house in 2008 if my name is not on the mortgage, but property tax?

hi everyone! i want to know if i can claim the house this year if my name is not on the mortgage but on the property tax? my brother’s name is on the mortgage, but BOTH our names are on the property tax. he will NOT be claiming, because he said i can claim it. so, can i? and yes, i have paid more than half the mortgage since last june and i paid all the property tax this past year.