My Car insurance is up for renewal next month. How to choose the best insurance deal?

This is the first year. Hyundai dealer is recommending renewal at Rs 6800 premium and IDV at 325000 for the Santro Xing GL model with Cholamandalam. However receiving calls from numerous agents with attractive offers like free car vacuum cleaner, car servicing at Carnation, Marathalli, Bangalore etc.
Bharati Axa’s deal matches with the premium and Insurance value with Car Air pump and free servicing voucher. Please suggest how to choose the best

How are properties of reflection satisfied by metals in its property of lustre?

According to metal bond theory or electron sea model when light falls on a metal surface the electrons absorb them and oscillate and re-emit radiations which accounts for lustre. But how are properties of reflection satisfied on the surface of the metal. The electron could have emitted the radiation in any direction. but it isn’t so. Why is the direction of re-emission following the laws of reflection. To be specific What do we know about this direction of re-emission of radiation from a particle.