About the Employee Pension Scheme?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I was working in Mumbai with a MNC company since last 3 Yrs, but now I have left it and joined a new company new New Delhi and I don’t want to continue my past PF account here.
Now my issue is only this that how I can get my money back which my past employer has contributed as employee pension scheme
I am looking for your reply.

Harish Choudhary

[email protected]

How can I get Income Tax benefit from HRA?

Presently I am outside India for the last 10 months.My parents live in Kolkata.I work in a chennai based MNC, but I have no accomodation there.In such case,is it possible to get house rent slips from my Father and submit them as HRA in order to obtain the tax benefit.How is it possible or is it possible at all?

Thanks in advance