Is it possible to obtain loan on a property acquired from my father? Can my children object?

I own a property that used to belong to my grandfather and later my brother, my brother gifted me the property and now want to obtain a loan from a bank. Is the approval of my children necessary to get the loan from the bank? If I do without their approval, can they file a case against me?
Sorry, I made a mistake in the details, the property belonged to my father not my grandfather.

Please help me in buying and selling of shares (type of order).?

I had 10 PNB shares in my demat ac. i checked (allcated ) those share for sale. Then filled the sell order form. while filling this form one has to choose from delivery or intraday. By mistake or better is by ignorance i chose intraday option instead of delivery. As result my broker SBICAP securities purchased 10 more share at highest value and sale those share at market price. And my demat share were as it is. is it the procedure and rule please explain me as well as what is intraday . Thanks.

PPF A/c for a minor in SBI Core Banking?

PPFa/c inth name of my minor daughter was opened by a SBI officer after much reluctance. later I came to know that he opened the a/c with age 18 yrs as the core banking system was not accepting minor age.. When I asked him he said that he said he would rectify the mistake later..will my daughter have problem in withdrawing when she is a major