Mutual funds?

Please tell me some good mutual funds but they are new funds and what is future & please tell me i have invest in SBI Blue chip fund what can i do i withdawn or not

How does life insurance agent earn if no commission comes from insurance company?

Currently, in India, the premium charged from client for life insurance policies includes the commissions that the agent will receive from the insurance company.
New scenario is developing: Life insurance companies will not give any comission to agents but the agent will charge a fee.
Any one has clarity how this works in other countries:
1) What kind of fee is charged by agent
2) Is the fee disclosed to client
3) What about subsequent years earnings
4) Does the insurance agent come under service tax this way

How to invest 1 lakh?

Hi i want to invest 1L , and i want money to be secured ..
can any one suggest me best ways to do it.
my options
Which is best or which combination is best?
1) NSC
3) Mutual funds
4) Shares
5) Post office MIS schems

I am interested in mutual funds but have little knowlege abt them?