Can the grandfather of a minor girl child act as a representative assessee under income tax act?

A 3 yr old girl child lost her father in accident. She is survived by her mother. There is a proposal for remarriage of her mother. She may stay with her grand parent after her mother’s remarriage. That, however, is not certain. A PAN application is to be made in her name immediately. Whether her grand father can become a representative assessee under income tax act, though her mother is alive?

Clubbing minor’s family pension :?

Pl. Answer in details : I recieved family pension of my life partner. Due to remarriage it is transfered to my child who is minor . But as a guardian , i am recieving the same on behalf my child ( daughter ) 14 yrs old. can the family pension club to my indivisual income ? or minor has to file ITR ( signed by guardian) separately if family pension and arrears if any are above the IT slab limits ?
2. if pension arrears and pay arrears of last 4 years recieved after transfered to minor’s name , the whole income treated as minor’s income ? or distribute to prev. pensioner also ( like sec. 89 ) ?