What will happen if I withdrawal my NSC before min. time?

What will happen if I withdrawal my NSC before min. time?
I want to save my tax. But I need my money after 6 month?
One of my friends tells me that if I will withdrawal me NSC I can not get Tex Benefits.
I want to save my tax only for this year. For next year I will do saving.
Is it possible that I can get tax benefit for this year & for next year I will do saving?
Please give me your valuable advices

How I will get land purchase loan?

I am a central govt employee in tamilnadu.my salary is around Rs. 20,000.property costs 15 lakhs. Whats the max. Amnt of loan I can avail.how much interest? Which bank provide loan with min interest and less procedure?

Subsidies loan for open up a Branded retail Garments outlet?

I am working on a business plan for retailing branded garments as a Franchisee/consignment agent which will generate employment and a good revenue as well as for state govt.

The approximate project cost is 25L.

In the min time I want to know about the subsidies loan schemes from Indian Govt. or bank loans for this kind of retail business.

Please also suggest me other finance options.

what is the min. premium to take an lic policy?

i want to take lic credit card,for that i should have atleast 1 lic policy., for that i want to take a policy
but i want to pay min.i.e. least premium (because i am taking the policy only for credit card purpose)so, can anybody please tell me how much is the least amount with which we can take a policy( i heard it starts from min. 100/-)