Clarification -Highest NAV Assurance by some MF’s?

TATA Mutual Fund [APEX], SBI Life, etc and many others offer the highest NAV realized in a market instance over a subscription period. How does the Fund “account”,hence hedge itself when a subscriber redeems/closes when the market is relatively down – ie., from which fund does the Fund adjust such accrued losses to afford such payouts of unsubscribers? Has regulation have any bearing.
Response sought from any practitioners/ working professionals.
Question: Illustrate how a NAV accrues over a period and factors
which influence the dividend policy of a Fund with underlying

How to compare various ULIPs?

It appears that UTI-ULIP has given benefit in the form of dividend at 16% only. Some MFs have announced maximum benefit of more than 50% under ULIPs, as per latest data. I desire to have detailed information. There are several offers of fresh ULIPs with SIP and Free Insurance. I desire to know how to compare thier merits, and find out which is most advantageous. I want to know the likely range of benefit ( i.e., annual dividend yield) one can expect in the latest offers of SIP+ free insurance. I want to know a range. SEBI does not authorize to announce guaranteed returns. I want to know whether it is proper to withdraw from UTI-ULIP, and invest in the fresh offers. I will be grateful for a clear answer.

Sensex Nifty Crash?

I saw a few answers from “Arvind n” that were posted before the January crash. The markets has fallen as he expected them to do, because of high inflow of funny money from FIIs that created the bubble in our Indian markets and now as the credit crisis has gripped the markets, the blood is literally is being squeezed out of the veins of small retail investors.

I want to ask, whether it’s the right time to enter the market now? Should I start SIP (I had started in Jan and stopped on last friday fearing more falls) I am also holding substantial amount of my money in MFs since last year, which are not in -ve but almost getting there if market keep falling like this. Should I sell them? Sell some portion?

Arvind n, if you are still there.. may be you can share your thoughts please?

I also hear that no one can catch the market at the bottom; and I also read that package that Fed has provided will only go i