i am a BE(E&C) +MBA(marketing and HR). should i join Metlife India to sell insurance policies?

recently i got an offer to work at Metlife Life Insurance in srinagar…thru one of my friends who works there as Sales Manager. thru his link they have set me a target of achieving Rs. 4 lakh insurance policies before 31 Dec. if i succeed i wud get selected as Sales Manager directly and offered a package of 18000-22000 per month. my parents are not too interested. they say it doesnt suit my qualification(BE + MBA)…but i know a lot of guys are doing it. i also thought of doing it until i hit something big. what are ur views about this? should i join? plz provide details….thanks

is metlife a reliable name?

An agent from Insurance compny reached to me . he offered me to metlife Plans. One of them is you can invest 11000 and you will get three times more after some months. I want to kno that whether it is possible?(1) Is the metlife a reliable name to invest in?(2) The agent is close to me . He know me personaly.