How to make $3000 grow, which method should I use?

ok, I’m 18 and I have saved $ 3 500 from work. Plus I have about $ 300 in an account with a card that I actually use. I don’t need the $ 3000 now and probably won’t for like 4 or 5 years. So, what is the best option to do with that money rather than leave it in my account?

trust fund?
any other ideas??? please, it will help if you elaborate too, thanks

How long ago did the term RUPEE come into existence? What other terms for ‘money’ were used in ancient India?

The new symbol for the Indian Rupee raises several questions in my mind about the origin of the term and its widespread use. I felt the Indian subcontinent has had a rich culture of currency usage since ancient times. Importantly, it is interesting to know how transactions across sub-cultures of this land were conducted with differing names for currency and valuation of the currency.

Is a Son or Daughter Legally Adopted after Retirement by a Centra Govt Employee eligible for family pension?

I am a retired Public Sector Undertaking(Central Govt.) employee drawing Pension. I am bachelor and do not have any family member. I am contemplating to legally adopt a girl child as my Daughter. My query is that, whether, after my death, my adopted daughter will be legally eligible for family pension from my employer. Please advise and if possible, quote some legal decisions in this context.